Great is
chasing you
a podcast by Chris McAlpin
& Sound Financial Strategies Group
The Chase is the all-consuming drive for good, when God is chasing you with great.
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Almost 3 out of 4 Christians don't realize Faith-Based Investing even exists!

Is it possible to invest in companies that treat people and the environment well WITHOUT sacrificing your goals? The answer is yes when you look at Sound’s Faith-Based Investing approach. We feel equally as strong about our spiritual calling AND our ability to make money.

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Faith-Based Investing
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It has the power to break financial patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation and change the course of humanity if people are willing to unite behind a common purpose, embody a spirit of service, and find meaning in something greater than themselves.
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Failure & Success
Chris McAlpin
In this accessible guide to personal finance and investing, Sorenson and Leggett outline the reasons investors struggle with the markets—and explain how to better manage behaviors so that personal investments actually pay off.
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Invest to Prosper
Clint W Sorenson
with Robert A Leggett
The decisions you make and the actions you take affect the ultimate outcome of your life. In this book, you’ll discover innovative new ways to make smarter decisions to experience life at a whole new level.
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One Decision Can
Dave Jesiolowski

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What sets Sound Financial's Faith-Based Investing apart?

We feel equally as strong about our spiritual calling AND our ability to make money. They are connected, and we hope as you have grown in wealth, so has the amount you give and share with others. In addition, Sound Financial gives back 10% of our top-line revenue from this Faith-Based Investing strategy to support organizations fighting against the negative forces in our world.

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