Our mission is to help
you live a fulfilled life.

Sound Financial will help you live a fulfilled life through Faith-Based Investing, business planning, and retirement planning. Each of these areas has its own unique nuances and we’re experts in finding ways to help you reach your goals through planning.

One of the ways we help you plan is through our Rules Based approach to investing. The Rules Based approach keeps us focused on long-term goals rather than trying to change course at the market’s every whim. The Rules Based approach gives you the freedom of knowing that you’ve been proactive about your priorities and set a course toward them rather than being unnecessarily reactive in today’s financial climate.

Contact us today to find out how the Rules Based strategy can work for you. It will be your next step toward a more fulfilled life.

Faith-Based Investing

Is it possible to invest in companies that treat people and the environment well WITHOUT sacrificing your goals? The answer is yes when you look at Sound’s Faith-Based Investing approach.

Business Planning

As a business owner, your business is your most valuable asset. It is a key component of your personal financial plan. We want to come alongside and help you realize your vision and dreams for your company.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is often sold to us as the “Golden Years” of our life. In part, that can be true if you have planned well, seek fulfilling opportunities, and search for new adventures. We want to understand what your ideal future looks like and help you make a plan to pursue it.

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