In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • 78% of business owners have to sell their business to retire.
  • Many owners come to the selling table, ready to sell externally, but they haven't done enough homework. They're the rookie at the table, and some buyers will take advantage of that scenario.
  • As you are getting ready to sell your business, you need to get an understanding of how your business is valued. You need to know what your value is, and you're going to get it, or you're not going to sell the company.
  • And a business valuation offers so much more.
  • It will teach you things about your company that you knew before and make it better.
  • You start seeing ways of packaging your company, not only to sell but to make it run better and more efficiently.
  • You find ways to get yourself out of day-to-day business, which allows you to take a step back, semi-retire, or take that long vacation during that planning process.

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