In this episode you'll learn:

  • With ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing, investors take into consideration what is good for people, what's good for the environment, what's good for society, etc. We look to the Bible for instruction on this so that we're not trying to come up with our own truth.
  • If you are going to invest biblically responsible, it's helpful to start by excluding some companies that we know that do bad and hurt people. At Sound Financial Strategies Group will exclude companies that we believe earned revenue, produce a product, or support specific activities. This includes: human rights abuse, adverse labor relations, pornography, abortion, alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
  • After we screen out the bad, we find the good. These are companies that are providing jobs and services to people, and they're running it at a profit. This is both biblically sound and good for the investor.
  • Beyond that, a portion of Sound's profits from these investments goes to our Purpose Partners. Delta Street Academy provides Christ-centered education for at-risk kids in some of the poorest areas of the nation. And But God ministries, who also participate in education here in North America and do a lot of poverty alleviation ministries in Haiti.
  • We don't just write a check, but we go and work with these partners. As a bookend to our efforts to make our clients money in a Biblically responsible way, we want to work alongside of people so that others can grow, and they can go do well in society too.

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