In this episode you'll learn:

  • The Bible says the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. You don't have to look very deep into the investment world to see that we twist and we turn money into idols that it shouldn't be.

  • It also says that those who are rich need to do good with your money, be rich in good works, share and be generous. You can include investing in this charge

  • The Creation Mandate recognizes that people are made in God's image and that we should treat them with love and respect. They're intelligent; they have skills and gifts. We can invest in them and we earn a return. They get to grow a company and they get to do good work. This touches on both generosity and on investing as well

  • We also learn in the Creation Mandate that we are stewards of the earth. God's plan was for humans to reign over the earth as a steward on his behalf. Biblically Responsible Investing allows us to use the resources of the world to better the world and to try to improve it

  • We can learn these 3 things from King Solomon
    • Invest freely.
    • Diversify and manage risk.
    • Things are going to happen in life, good and bad. Be prepared for the unexpected.
    • Analysis paralysis can cause failure.
  • You need to analyze, study, research and then go to work. After you've done that, know that life is a good gift from God, its a blessing. Enjoy it! Stop looking at the market all the time, that's what we will do for you.

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