AT&T is a busy place these days! From completing major acquisitions like that of Time Warner, to continuing to serve its millions of customers, there is a lot going on. In addition, news broke recently that a voluntary SIPP offer is being extended to many AT&T employees and it is causing these employees to take pause and consider their future. As we all know, the SIPP offer can be quite lucrative in some cases and extremely tempting depending on where you are in your career. With this kind of potential major career change, you need to ask yourself some challenging questions in order to make an informed decision. Questions like:

  • What will your actual income be after all considerations from the SIPP offer?
  • What will your total income be in retirement? Are you considering all sources?
  • Have you considered all expenses during retirement?
  • How will you cover medical insurance and expenses in retirement?
  • How far away from Medicare are you and how will you cover the gap?
  • How does Social Security factor in and do you have a plan for maximizing this benefit?
  • How will this impact your spouse?
  • Retirement can last as long as 30 years for many people; do you have enough savings or income sources to cover that time?

With AT&T’s deadline for decision looming, you need to make an informed decision based on facts and experience. The advisors at Sound Financial have been helping AT&T employees navigate retirement and deal with these questions and offers for over 30 years. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you navigate YOUR retirement journey.

AT&T Retirees

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