To our clients, family and friends,

Words don’t begin to describe some of what we are seeing in our community and economy. Up until recently, pandemics were something we read about in history books and novels. We now know these can hit us in the US and this reality is hitting home for all business leaders and workers alike.

Because of this, we are offering financial education to employees and business owners. We know that many people are losing their jobs and businesses due to this virus. This was unexpected, unforeseen, and often unplanned for. Our prayer is that it is short-lived, but we know that in the meantime, people are hurting.

Therefore, we at Sound Financial are offering financial education phone meetings with no strings attached. We want to serve our community. We are a decades-old wealth management firm in Jackson, MS, and are blessed to be in a stable position with experienced advisors that know how to help people in this extreme financial crisis.

Our invitation is for our clients, family/friends, and the public.

You, as an employee or business leader, are having to make tough decisions. You may be faced with a mandatory shut down, possibly reduced income, or your work/business may be in the middle of this fight. As this is a multifront battle in our communities, many of us are in the thick of the action, all while taking care of our own families. So, let us help you.

If you have questions about debt management, disaster relief lending, assets/liabilities, investments/insurance, or simply want someone to brainstorm ideas with, we will be happy to have a call with you and help any way that we can.

To be clear, we are not charging and there are no strings attached. At this time, we simply want to serve people.

You can contact us at 877-462-3744 or email us

Thank you,

Chris McAlpin, Managing Partner

What do you do now?

You have lost your job or business due to the Coronavirus shutdowns what should you do now? These are four facts that you should know and deal with now. What is your current income, expenses, tasks, and goals? Understanding and dealing with these issues this week will help you get to next week.

What are the facts? You must take care of today to realize your future dreams and goals:

  • What is your real project income or revenue during this time? What can you do to keep and stabilize this? Savings and investments (even IRAs & 401ks) can be carefully used at this time. Unemployment benefits and SBA lending may also be a good solution.
  • What are your real and necessary expenses during this time?
    • Where and how can you cut expenses?
      • Business owners, how can you keep your employees and/or help them earn an income in other ways? Where are areas that you can cut expenses? How can you do this without hurting your future business opportunities?
      • Individuals, where can you cut expenses? Eat at home, cut entertainment, what else? Social distancing is requiring this of us, so make the best of it. There is a ton of free and excellent entertainment right now!
  • What are your current tasks?
    • Are you in a business (or work) that requires you to be in the middle of the problems caused by COVID-19, such as health care, financial services, or a first responder? What actions must you take to follow through with this work; business actions, income & expense stabilization, etc.?
    • What can you and should you do now? How do you best serve those who depend on you? Where are your opportunities for work or service?
  • What are your future goals?
    • How can you position yourself today to succeed in your business and career in the future? What can you plan, learn, or do now that will enhance your future goals?
    • What planning, service, or leadership should you participate in to support these ideas?

You don’t have to do this on your own. We are here to help you walk through these steps; no strings attached.

Why are we doing this? We love God, God loves people, so we are here to serve you.

Financial Planning

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