As you know, parts of our communities are making changes to their work patterns to attempt to comply with the new social distancing norms. Some restaurants are drive-through only, many churches are now live-streamed, and many people are now working from home.

At Sound, we know the importance of our work for you. Therefore, we are taking the management of your investments as seriously and as intent as possible; In other words, we are hyper-focused. Yet, we too must fit into these new norms. Therefore, these are a few updates.

All of our financial advisors can work from home or the office. Therefore, for the foreseeable future please try to have a phone appointment with your advisor instead of a face to face. Honestly, it hurts badly for me to even write those words We love to meet with you! But let’s be safe and do our part in the community. Throughout the week of March 16th, we will be testing our capabilities with different staff members working from home. We can do all of the work needed to serve you with remote technology. While we are not necessarily required to work from home at this time, as we fall under the recommended gathering numbers, we want to be prepared to do so.

In this time, our commitment to you is to return calls within 24 hours, make well-informed investment decisions, and be intentional in financial planning with you. Life will go on, people will retire, kids will go to college, and long-term care events will happen along with a myriad of other life events. Our commitment to you is to walk through all of these together.

So smile. God has blessed us with life. Let’s find something to enjoy today. 

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