Don’t you just want your investments to work? Seriously, you look at the stock markets, the green and red numbers ticking across the screen and wonder, surely there is a way to make money in this? Guys like Buffet and Gross do this all the time, why can’t I?

We agree. The trick is that for generations the money makers made money for themselves by selling their products to others. By the time the products reached the general public, they were watered down. A person could still make money. But they were sold ideas like “buy and hold,” “buy term and invest the rest,” and “if your plan hasn’t changed, don’t change your plan.” The problem is that these ideas don’t work for everyone and arguably don’t work at all.

At Sound, we didn’t like this strategy. So, we decided to build something different. We believed that data, math, and a logical decision-making process could lead us to investment models that helped our clients reach their goals. As technology has changed, this could be done faster, cheaper, and better. Therefore, that’s what we built.

Our rules-based investment strategies are designed for you to invest in a logical, tested investment model that leads to favorable results.

No, we did not find a crystal ball predicting the future. If we did, we would cure world poverty, make you rich, and buy an island for ourselves. But we have developed a math-formula-driven, decision making process. This allows us to seek results to fit your goals, plan the investment, and test the process before you ever invest the first penny.

Over time, markets have changed. Because of technology, markets react to information at mind boggling speeds. A pre-set decision-making process ensures the markets won’t catch you flat-footed. Using data, math formulas, and a logical decision tree takes the emotion out of investing.

What’s in this for you? An investment model that is designed to reach your goals. A disciplined decision making process, and a tested portfolio giving you an investment system, you can stay with, taking the guesswork and emotion out of investing.

So, how well does this investment system perform? It is good, but you’ll have to meet with us to find out!

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