Sound Financial has recently selected But God Ministries as one of our Purpose Partners. Chris McAlpin, our Sound CEO, has recently traveled to Haiti and has plans to return this summer. He returned with heartbreak over the great number of needs in Haiti but also with so much excitement about what God is doing through BGM. We are honored to partner with them in some of these efforts.

BGM is a non-profit organization that shares the love of Jesus Christ through building sustainable communities around the world. They are currently building two in Haiti and one just north of us in the Delta in Jonestown, Mississippi. They operate in certain areas within each community they call SPHERES. These areas include S-spiritual, P-physical, H-H20, E-education, R-roofs, E-economic development and S-soil. Below is the link to their website to learn more about how all this works.

But today I’d like to tell you about an event happening in the Metro area in May. The event is called Manje pou Lavi – Food for Life (Manje pou Lavi is Haitian Creole translated “Food for Life”) in Galette Chambon, Haiti. This community includes a church, an orphanage, 44 houses, water wells, agricultural plots, a playground and the Hope Center, which houses all the short-term mission teams that work in Haiti as well as BGM’s American missionaries. All proceeds from this event will go directly to support the Malnutrition Center, Pen Lavi, and the care of starving children and babies in crisis, as well as their mother or caregiver. The event will take place at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison on May 2ndfrom 6 - 8:30pm. There will be a Silent Mobile Auction, appetizers, live music, caricature artist, and a sit-down dinner.

Please click the link below to learn more about how you might get involved, purchase tickets for the event or just learn more about But God Ministries.

While we do not solicit for But God Ministries, we do support them and we’d like to encourage you to take a deeper look at BGM by clicking the link below.


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