Check out this excerpt from the book, One Decision Can, written by our newest Sound Team member, Dave Jesiolowski, Business & Financial Advisor.


Having been a financial planner with two Fortune 500 companies for the last fifteen years, I have worked with many millionaires. I am about to share with you the top twenty-five secrets they have used to have financial freedom.

What is financial freedom and independence? And what can it do for you?

Financial freedom and independence is being able to do what you want because your income exceeds your expenses.

Having financial freedom gives you the ability to live life on your terms, have a great quality of life, freedom to spend your time how you want, and the confidence to take risks to follow your dreams.

Top twenty-five secrets to financial success:

1. Choose a career that you love and that solves a problem for other people.

2. Invest your time in revenue-producing activities.

3. Save every month (20% or more).

4. Schedule your days diligently.

5. Act consistently every day.

6. Make good decisions with your finances.

7. Leverage your time and talents.

8. Delegate things you aren’t good at.

9. Find your niche to become rich. Discover what other people want and provide it to them.

10. Focus on actions that create wealth.


11. Study the following: compound interest, debt reduction, taxes, savings tips, investing, and diversification.

12. Take calculated risks.

13. Break your lifestyle addiction.

14. Invest in good people to work for you.

15. Invest in self-development.

16. Be analytical.

17. Leverage and manage debt wisely.

18. Track where you spend your money (expenses, tax deductions, etc.).

19. Have a diversified investment strategy. Many of the top millionaires I have worked with employed this strategy to build their wealth.

20. Don’t be an emotional investor or make emotional decisions with your money.

21. Hire the best money advisors you can afford and that you trust. They will pay for themselves.

22. Be disciplined enough to follow the plan.

23. Hire a business coach.

24. Don’t lose money.

25. The rate of savings is more important than the rate of return.

Achieving financial freedom comes down to making better decisions with your money. It takes time to become wealthy so be patient and consistent.

To take a quick quiz on your financial decision-making, download a free copy of Dave’s book, One Decision Can, or send a request to You will find the quiz on page 52 of the book.

This blog is an excerpt from the book, One Decision Can, by Dave Jesiolowski, Business & Financial Advisor at Sound Financial.

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