Time is the greatest enemy of human enthusiasm. - John Piper

When it comes to money, can we all agree that some of us are destitute, some are arrogant, and many are stuck, unfulfilled, and frustrated? Can we agree that the world around us has trained us with bad ideas, even if with good intentions? And that we have sought the actions that have led to failure, shame, and a weird sense of worship?

When we try to solve these problems, we see the depth of the issue, the many moving parts, and struggle to get a sense of the solution. We often get tired and give up.

In regular middle Americana, those in the middle class and up, we are taught to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. We are taught that you can be anything that you want to be if you put your mind to it. Success and happiness are an American birthright.

This teaching fails for many reasons. First, you cannot be anything that you want to be because you are limited by time, opportunity, and skills. You may not have the grades or money to get into Harvard; the skills nor the connections to become the President; and you are probably not big enough, fast enough, nor ferocious enough to play in the NFL.

This does not mean that you are stupid, poor, or a failure; you just aren’t gifted in these ways.

We are not crafted to be just anything. This mindset will lead us to frustration and possibly away from what we were designed to be.

So, what about the birthright of success and happiness? Yes, the US Constitution states that the Creator has given “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” which is now an American ethos. First, let’s not put words into the Creator’s mouth, we don’t have that authority. Second, let’s look at reality, are we always successful and happy? Of course, not. This is undefinable, a moving target that will only lead to frustration.

Now, if I may, without sounding churchy, introduce you to a different idea?

Your Creator designed you in a better way, with success and joy in mind. Therefore, regarding those money failures in your life, He will forgive those. The shame that you feel when you don’t measure up, He will replace that with righteousness. The religion that you have made out of success and riches, He will remove that from the throne of your life and replace it with Himself.

The Creator God of the Universe, your Creator, loves you deeply.

This is astounding amazing grace that is offered to you. You no longer are required to be the hero because He is. God forgives your failure, so forgive yourself. God credits you with success so the world’s definition is nothing in comparison. You receive freedom to live fully, profitably, and purposefully.

So, ask yourself: is your way of success really working for you?

If you could change that would you?

There is a truthful, factual, proven way to change your life. What’s stopping you?

Think about it …

This blog is an excerpt from a book that the team at Sound Financial is in the process of writing, “Failure & Success, The Story of Money.” Look for it soon.

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