When we manage our money, what do we typically think about? Ourselves…our kids…our career…our investments? All of these and more are very important, as they are our responsibility to manage with excellence. We should dream big, set goals, plan, budget, and invest to reach for great results. This is your role as a steward of what God has given you.

So God made man like his Maker… blessed them and told them, “Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it…” Genesis 1: 27-38 (TLB)

In fact, God placed us as stewards over the entire Earth. There is not a resource on Earth that He did not give to mankind so that we can invest, grow, and care for creation. He gave us this authority and responsibility.

This is the Creation Mandate. All people are made in God’s image, designed to rule the Earth on His behalf. This gives Him glory and is a blessing to us. Certainly, we’ve screwed this up royally at times, but God is a redemptive God; saving us through Jesus’ work on the Cross.

Your money is also a resource. How you use your money matters in your life and in the world around you. Consider that once you buy a stock you become a voting owner of that company, or as a bond holder, you become a lender. In both cases, you have supported a company’s success. Good companies fulfill God’s Creation Mandate, while there are others that tear it down.

Therefore, we believe that we should seek to invest in profitable companies that do good work, screening out those that hurt people and the environment, applying excellent investment practices, all while sharing with others in need. Granted, no company is sinless, including our own. So, we will hold God’s truth tightly, understanding that when put into practice we will not be perfect. We believe being Biblical with our money means we do excellent work in all areas while fulfilling our role in the Creation Mandate. This honors the Creator of Creation, from those He put into charge to do so.

Faith Based Investing

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