Are you a 5 Talent guy/gal or will your Ox get stoned? Weird question, huh?

Consider that God is so serious about our investments that Jesus complimented those that doubled their money. (2) And He is equally as serious about the quality of our assets, that if they hurt people those should be destroyed, i.e. the Ox gets stoned to death. (3) Jesus once told His disciples to be street-wise as snakes and yet innocent as doves. He gives us no wiggle room in between. He expects wisdom, creativity, and growth. We should not hide our money in the
name of safety. (4) And He expects innocence, we cannot present Him profits earned from activities that harmed people or the environment. (5) Therefore, we should invest shrewdly, reach for great returns, and do good work in the process.*

The issue at hand is: can we invest in stocks of good companies that do not harm people and still capture investment results competing with common indexes? Our friends at WealthShield built a stock index demonstrating the possibility of returns to answer this question.

Given the data, we believe the answer is yes, click here find out why.

1. The BRI Strategy Total Return Index is hypothetical in the backtested years (April 7, 2000- April 7, 2020). Hypothetical performance results are intended for informational purposes only to show historical performance had the model portfolios been used over the relevant period of time without any limitations or restrictions. There is no guarantee that the hypothetical results can be replicated. Hypothetical performance is presented net of Sound’s anticipated management fee of 1.44% per 2. year from the inception date listed to present and includes the reinvestment of all income. Actual performance results will vary from this example.
3. Matthew 25: 19-23 2
4. Exodus 21: 28-29 3
5. Matthew 25: 24-28 4
6. Proverbs 16:8 5
*The views and opinions of scripture are the views and opinions of the author based on his
interpretation of the cited biblical passages.
Faith Based Investing

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