Sammy Dean

Founding Partner

The best part of my job is meeting with clients, relating to them and discussing their needs.

Sammy loves his work and takes pride in the fact that the business is customer-driven and that long-term relationships/friendships are formed with clients. Having taught over 2,000 people in financial seminars and workshops and having over 40 years of experience Sammy feels that his greatest gift is listening to and understanding people.

He loves the opportunity to develop relationships with employees and advisors here at Sound. And helping clients accomplish their financial goals over time creates great pride in our company. As a founding partner, he has seen many years of growth at Sound. That is a source of great joy for Sammy.

In his free time, he loves being with and traveling with his wife, Jana. His pride and joy however are his two grandchildren, David Cole and KK. Many hours are spent watching David Cole play baseball and KK in gymnastics. But he most enjoys the trips he takes with these two each year.

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